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Kids Get Crafty is your one stop shop for all things arty, crafty and STEM related for children from toddlers to upper Primary age.

Hi! I’m Susie, Mum to two gorgeous girls and founder of Kids Get Crafty.

I have spent my life working with children, from babies through to teens, as a play co-ordinator, then Primary School teacher, and many other roles alongside.

I have always had a passion for encouraging creativity, in its infinite forms, in children and was always keen to offer imaginative, artistic, messy, sensory, explorative experiences to my own children when they were young. At home we would get the paints out, make cornflour goop, cover the driveway in chalk art, and generally make a big happy mess…until of course time to clean up!!

I have the kind of brain that stores arty, crafty ideas. If you want a craft activity to go with any theme, from dinosaurs to seasons to unicorns, you name it, I’m your woman!!


However, I was always on the lookout for somewhere else I could take my children to unleash their creativity with other little ones, and just occasionally, give myself and my house a break from the chaos. I had many friends, who were perhaps not such fearless mess makers, possibly because they lived in gorgeous homes that would give me house envy, and make me cringe with embarrassment if they happened to pop over and see our “happy mess” before I’d had a chance to do a manic, hide everything tidy up, but often they just didn’t have a crazy crafts compartment in their brain and simply didn’t know what to do with their little ones, even though they recognised the value in these experiences.

Once my youngest started kindy, the cogs started turning. I realised that I needed a new outlet for all the ideas buzzing around in my head, and I could actually help other parents!!

Kids Get Crafty was born and I started offering weekly art and craft classes to 2 to 5-year olds. It’s a win for the parents as they bring their children to a fun-packed class full of great activities that they don’t need to invent, set up, or pack up and it’s a win for me, as I get my regular spending time with awesome little humans fix!

Our aim at Kids Get Crafty is to inspire and encourage creativity and imagination in young children and their parents.

The classes are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your child and share in their delight as you play and learn and create together.

Kids Get Crafty provides a welcoming, encouraging, and supportive environment, where everyone comes to have fun and reap the many rewards of creativity in early childhood.

Our award-winning classes have been carefully designed and prepared by an early years teacher and mum with years of experience and a passion for creativity in education.

At Kids Get Crafty everything is provided, ensuring a fun-filled, experience for everyone, with the bonus of keeping your own house clean and tidy!

From there Kids Get Crafty has evolved and now offers school holiday programmes and art and craft incursions for day care, kindy and primary school, as well as online resources for parents and teachers.